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About Me

I’ve been involved in athletics my whole life, and almost all athletics possible. I’ve been involved in Swimming, Track and Field, Golf, Tennis, Martial Arts, Cheerleading, Bodybuilding, and Weightlifting as an athlete. I have two degrees in Sports Sciences, and I’m currently getting more degrees because, well, I can and I want to continue becoming one of the best resources for training and diet in the field, and that’s not done with Google Searches and weekend seminars alone.

I started First Attempt Lifting as my response to an ever growing field, with ever growing problems in professionalism and service. I strive to offer my clients the best service whether they are in person, or remote, recreational athlete or professional athlete. It doesn’t matter your experience, status, or pursuit, you should be offered the same level of service and professionalism as the next client. I have experienced a lot of the good in the field, and a lot of the bad, so that you can maximize your results, and achieve the goals you are chasing after, and hopefully, set you on a path of self sufficiency that other programs offer.

For me, your first attempt at fitness should be your last, because you shouldn’t have to keep starting over and over and over again. So, let’s start a journey that you won’t have to put on hold, and will be able to continue for your entire life.