Enough With The False Outrage

Earlier this week, Starbucks released the limited sale 'Unicorn Frappachino' and the world lost its collective mind at the rainbow colored oblivion.  

Almost immediately following the launch of the drink, fitness zealots everywhere began posting screen shot after screen shot of the nutrition labels, with trigger words like "chemical" and "targets children" and every other scare tactic in the book to fill their outrage meters, in addition to scare tactics towards their clients or gym members.  I saw a post yesterday that said, "If I see any of my clients drinking one of these, you will do burpees until I get tired!!!" As a member of the fitness community, I have one request for everyone who is reacting this way.


First off, if your primary instinct to react towards a sugar filled drink is threats of death by exercise, you're a shit coach.  I don't care if you have all the followers in the world, you're not going to deter a grown adult with empty threats, and if you do follow through, I hope you like saying goodbye to your membership.

Secondly, let's not pretend like this isn't something new. I know without a shadow of a doubt your gym members, and some of your business owners as well, have drank a standard Frappachino from Starbucks, or somewhere else if you're not a fan of the business or coffee.  Let's not pretend that suddenly, this cotton candy bukakke nightmare is somehow worse for people than the standard Frap, because it's not. 

I understand that controversy is a useful tool to get attention towards your business or instagram page, but that's a hollow tactic at best, barely above naked selfies and ass photos. Other than the attention, what are you achieving? Are you getting business? Are you deterring people from buying this drink? Or are you deterring people from working with you? Day in and day out I see post after post about how people are so sensitive and snowflakes and filled with outrage, and now it's to the point where a sugary coffee can set of the internet into a flurry of keyboard combat. How about as a collective, we realize that scaring people into fitness does not work, and more likely than not, will scare them away.  Also, as independent business owners, can we stop shitting on companies that have already made it?  

Altruism is great, but you can't feed yourself on rainbows and sunshine.  Money is needed, and if you think that money isn't important, then you're naive and won't get very far, so stop raging against companies or groups that have gone from where you are, to the end game. They are not tricking people into buying something "new" they are reacting to the market's demands and patterns.  It's not their fault, it's ours. How do I know this, because I know so many of you who are freaking out about this drink, got a proverbial hard on when that video of Creme and Sugar (a small business in Anaheim Hills, CA) went viral on Insider several months ago.  Don't remember them, yes you do.

So for the sake of our community, and the health of our country, stop shifting the blame from the individual, to the evil corporation doing its job. They're not forcing people to buy anything, but your false outrage is building up the interest, and their coffers. Most of you got into this business to change peoples' lives for the better; does acting like a totalitarian when it comes to food sound better to your clients?  Guess that's up for you to decide.