The Drunken Lifter Podcast: Diet Study

In this episode of the podcast, I review a study that was covered by comparing a long term, large scale study on Low-Carb vs Low-Fat Diets. This is one of the most important studies so far in that it controls for many variables very well that usually make such studies questionable, as well as being a study by NuSi, an organization founded by renowned anti-Carb writer Gary Taubes, and is another study by NuSi that fails to back up the claims of a Low-Carb diet being superior to a Low-Fat Diet.

I also go into the details of the study, and break down what everything means in simple terms, as well as what is means in the long run of diet and health for people.

A link to the Examine article can be found here:…rb-for-weight-loss/

A rat study that I referenced comparing high sugar diets vs standard rat diets, unfortunately, cannot be found, as it's been pulled off the hosting website for some reason, but the podcast I learned about it from can be found here courtesy of the Barbell1 Show:…-clean-eating

The study I referenced from Gary Taubes and NuSi that initially failed to prove their claims, which were that insulin makes you fat not calories, is here:…&

Despite another study by a foundation of his own co-founding, Gary Taubes claims that the study is flawed because it didn't put people on a true ketogenic diet (not the point of the study) and that "the weight loss may have been similar not because any diet works if you stick with it and cut calories (one possible interpretation) but because of what these diets had in common — avoid sugar, refined grains, processed foods. Whether the low-carb arm would have done even better had Gardner kept their carbohydrates low is something this study can’t say. (And Ornish [low-fat diet proponent] would probably say the same thing about fat consumption.)" which again, the point of the study was not comparing a high sugar diet, but a low carb vs low fat diet on similar quality foods. Found at Forbes here:…raw/#42e0ef153ae9