Couple’s Diet Coaching

Thank you for choosing the First Attempt Lifting Diet Coaching for Couples Package! This package is the highest discount offer for couples looking to begin their fitness journey together! This will be a subscription service, with a minimum time commitment of 6 months, starting upon the first payment.

Each payment cycle will begin on the 1st of the Month; if you sign up on or before the 15th of the month, but after the 1st, you will be required to pay a pro-rated service fee before beginning. If you sign up on the 16th or after, you will not be required to pay the pro-rated service fee.

By signing up, and agreeing to the terms in the Diet Questionnaire and Waiver, you are agreeing to this 6 month minimum commitment, as well as all additional terms and conditions.

After you have signed up and filled out the questionnaire and waiver, you will be contacted with your initial Macros, and if you are a Digital Coaching Client, these Macros will be integrated into your FitBot profile for easier access.