Diet Plans

The First Attempt Diet Plans are a the most comprehensive Plans on the market to date. How are they different? Some plans offer you only Macro Counts, some plans give you a schedule of eating to follow.  Our Plans offer both: a schedule of eating for you to follow to offer maximum results, and Macro Counts to give you the flexibility if your schedule is not a normal 9-5. The plans will also give you progressions of both your scheduled eating and Macros to help you reach your Diet Goals without a coach. 

In short, the only way you're going to get more results is if you work with a coach directly.

The plans are also not generated based on the minimum factors needed; we take in not only your weight, but height, age, and gender, and manually input this information to ensure the most accurate information possible.


Diet Plan


ATTENTION: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. These are digital products and cannot be returned once you have received them. Upon purchase, you will will receive a Questionnaire and Waiver to fill out and return to us, including your goal diet (Cut or Bulk) please make sure that this information match to avoid being sent the wrong Plan.

These plans are not meant for individuals with medical conditions that require specific dietary requirements or modifications. If you are unsure if the templates are right for you, please feel free to email before purchasing.