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Customer Reviews


“The combination of diet and training led to some amazing results for me over the months I was with Matt! Letting him plan the diet for the workouts he was giving me let him plan for better transformations, strength gains, as well as make everything easier for me to follow! Best part, Matt taught me how to diet and train so when I was ready to move on, I could do it on my own!”

– Frank Diet and Coaching Client


“Great feedback with my training videos, and great adaptations for my lifestyle! Working full time in the Air Force can lead to long days, but Matt can adapt the plan long term or on the fly with no problem!”

– Anagail Diet and Digital Coaching Client


“I’ve been with Matt for 3 years now, and I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon. I’ve made consistent progress in how I lift and how much I lift with his programming, coaching, and diet plans built to my goals and needs.”

- Matt Diet Coaching and Digital Coaching Client


“Matt’s ability to program for CrossFit and Weightlifting is detailed and well thought out, not just for the month, but long term. I worked with Matt from the end of the 2017 Open to the 2018 Open, all the while I was working full time and opening my own gym. Matt can make a plan to fit any situation.”

– Arthur Diet Coaching and Digital Coaching Client


“Diet and Training combo led for some impressive gains, and works well with the demands of a first responder’s life.”

- Garrett Diet and Digital Coaching Client


“4 years with Matt, and we keep getting closer and closer to my goal of being on the National Stage.”

- Tiffany Diet and Digital Coaching Client


“Matt’s a great coach, and works well with the busy life of a mom!”

– Jackie Digital Coaching Client


“The Diet Calculator is simple, easy to use, and best of all, I don’t need to pay for updates.”

– Kelsey Diet Calculator Customer


“Even though the Diet Calculator doesn’t come with coaching, Matt takes the time to answer any follow up question I have about how to use or adjust the Calculator for my needs!”

– Nicole Diet Calculator Customer


“It’s great that this service operates through Google Sheets, and not just excel, so I don’t have to pay more just to follow my diet!”

– Karina Diet Calculator Customer


“Easy to buy, easier to access, and even easier to use.”

– Marco Diet Calculator Customer


“Love that I can access the Calculator anywhere on any device without having to download it over and over again.”

– Josie Diet Calculator Customer


“It’s great that I can go through a full diet plan, and I have the ability to come back to the start on my own, and when I wanted to.”

– Vanessa Diet Calculator Customer


“Great tool for calculating what you need for your diet, and even better that there’s a low carb option!”

- Francisco Diet Calculator Customer


“Simple yet effective tool. I lost 20lbs with the Diet Calculator without even having to start the weight loss portion of the plan!”

- Brian Diet Calculator Client


“The Calculator isn’t just a plan for a quick diet fix, it’s a tool for a complete lifestyle transformation.”

– Jason Diet Calculator Customer


“Matt’s great at creating a diet for me – not just the same plan adapted for me, but a real plan for me. I can’t eat 6 meals a day at the same time every day, and Matt makes a plan that works for me.”

– Jason Diet Coaching Client


“The best thing about the Diet Coaching wasn’t that I lost weight or had a plan, but that Matt taught me how to Diet on my own. By the end of the time when I decided to move on my own, Matt gave me enough information about dieting that I could feel confident being on my own.”

– Glynn Diet Coaching Client


“The Plans are easy to follow, simple to understand, and even though it didn’t have coaching attached to it, Matt was willing to take the time to help me figure things out and answer questions when I needed it.”

– Sara Diet Plan Client


“Great product, and love that I can choose between Low Carb or High Carb Diets when I’m training for different activities.”

– Juan Diet Plan Client


“I love the simplicity and straight forwardness of working with Matt. He lets me know that an extra drink here or there, or some extra cheat meals might slow the process down, but he’s flexible enough to know that I don’t want to be a bodybuilder, and helps me figure a way to make it work. I didn’t want someone to hold my hand, but I didn’t want a hard-ass either – Matt finds a nice balance when working with your diet goals.”

– Zach Diet Coaching Client


“Fantastic coach, honest, but not brutal. Worked with me to get ready for my honeymoon, but didn’t make me follow a brutal diet, or make me feel bad if I couldn’t stick to the plan because of work, instead, finding ways to keep moving forward. Also, a really fun person to work with! So happy my husband introduced me to Matt.”

– Jessica Diet Coaching Client


"Are the Diet Plans really customized to me?"

  • Yes, the Diet Plans are customized via my Diet Calculator system to take into account your sex, age, gender, height - all the things that are required to calculate your BMR, and then adjusted for your Macro Preference of Standard, Low Carb, or Low Fat. There may be some similarities to someone who is close to you if their information is similar to yours, but I input your information for every Diet Plan purchased.

"What the difference between the Diet Plan and the Diet Calculator?

  • The Diet Plan is a one time purchase for a plan for either Weight Loss or Muscle Gain, and will take you through the entire Dieting Process from beginning, to dieting, to reverse dieting, to holding your new dietary macros. In order to update your Macros for a continuation of Weight Loss or Weight Gain, or to get a new opposite of what you're doing currently, you'll need to buy a new plan. This comes in PDF format.

  • The Diet Calculator, is a one time purchase for my calculation system behind the Diet Plans themselves. This is a one time purchase for either the Weight Loss or Weight Gain Diet Calculators, which will take you through the entire dieting process, just like the Diet Plans. The differences are that once you're done with the diet, you don't need to buy a new calculator - you can go back to the beginning and enter new information, and start the diet all over again! These operate in excel via Google Sheets, so that even if you don't have Excel, you can use them anywhere. For security purposes, you can only access these through Google Sheets, as to avoid repurposing of your purchase without strict permission of First Attempt Lifting.

"What if I like the Diet Calculator, and I want to use it for my own clients?"

  • I would love to partner up with you to help you and your gym out! I have a licensing agreement protocol if you would like the Excel file itself - please email for more information on the licensing agreement for Trainers and Gyms.

"What is the return policy?"

  • There is no return or refund policy. All products and services are digital, and cannot be returned once they have been emailed.

"What's the difference between Diet Coaching and the Plan/Calculator?"

  • The Diet Coaching option is a service that builds a plan around you and your goals and your schedule. We'll figure out what your Macro needs are, and go from there. The first thing we're going to look at is what can you sustain? Can you eat 6 meals a day, or only 2? Can you meal prep or do you have to work on the fly? Do you have a regular schedule, or alternating work schedules? Are you training for fun, or the Iron Man race? These are all things that are taken into consideration, and something that we'll build up with the Coaching Plan, as well as take your personal preferences into account. Maybe you want to be Paleo, or Keto, or do IMF, or hate apples. Whatever the method that works for you, we'll work to find that together.

"What if I sign up for Coaching, and I want to switch to just the Diet Plan?"

  • These are two separate services, and cannot be used to credit one another. On the flip side, signing up for the Diet Plan and wanting to move to the Diet Calculator or the Diet Coaching service will not validate any credit towards the service. I recommend that you give the service you selected an honest try before moving to something else.

"What if I have a specific medical condition that alters my nutritional needs?"

  • As apart of the questionnaire for signing up for Coaching or The Diet Plan/Calculator, you will need to disclose that you have a medical condition that requires specific dietary requirements. You need not disclose WHAT your condition is, all that you need to disclose is that if you have one or not. If you do have such a condition, then you are not a valid candidate for the Diet Coaching at this time, and I will recommend you to a RD that I know and trust, and refund your registration fee.

  • However, the Diet Plans and the Diet Calculators are self-driven, meaning that if you purchase them, you are responsible for utilizing them. HOWEVER - they are not intended to be used by anyone with medical conditions that require specific changes in their diet, and therefore if you purchase them willingly, you are acknowledging that they are not for individuals with said conditions, and are not valid for a refund once they are emailed, BUT for quality control purposes, are Plans and Calculators are not emailed automatically, so, if you have such a condition and alert me prior to sending of the Plan/Calculator, then I can refund your money.

"What if I'm training multiple times per day?"

  • If you're training multiple times per day and/or looking for higher levels of performance and competition, then you're going to want to go with the Diet Coaching Option at this time. The Diet Plans and the Diet Calculators do not have multiple session day options available yet, and such training plans are going to require a lot more in depth analysis of your training, lifestyle, and sessions, as well as planning for events and the future, to achieve the best results possible.

"What if I sign up for the Diet Coaching Option, and I need to take a break, like I'm going on vacation or I get sick, and can't follow the plan?"

  • Life gets in the way, and it's my policy to be completely understanding about that. You might catch the flu, or you're going on Vacation for a week somewhere and don't want to think about dieting, or business takes you out of town for a month and you're not sure what the food and training situation is like - that's fine! You pay for Coaching, you're going to get coaching. I'll put the timer on hold until you're ready to pick it back up at a later time, with no additional cost or fee.

"How much weight can I expect to lose?"

  • I would love to offer guarantees and hard numbers to give you comfort - but the fact of the matter is, no one can predict the future, and no one can predict what you can get out of your diet plan if you adhere to it 100% everyday of the year. What I can offer is the average of results we've seen so far. Typically I see that individuals can lose up to 20lbs on the Diet Plans or the Diet Calculator. With the Diet Coaching, I have seen individuals lose up to 50lbs, and this isn't with major lifestyle changes either. This is on their own, hitting their macros the way they want to, and with me just guiding them a long, helping them plan and strategize the best ways to maximize their diet.

"Am I going to starve on this???"

  • I'm not the sugar coating type, and I never will be, but if you're trying to lose weight, you're probably going to be hungry from time to time. You're cutting calories, you're eating less food than you're normally used to - yes you're going to experience hunger every now and then. However, if you strategize how you eat (spacing meals out, having lots of fibrous, filling veggies that are low on impact carbs) and take the time to make small adjustments, you can minimize hunger, or realize that a lot of the times hunger is just a habit. You might be a snacker or grazer and realize you eat constantly throughout the day, and without that constant intake of food you're body is over-reacting. You're not hungry, you're just not used to eating is the reality. You could also be legitimately hungry, and not losing weight! This means maybe you need to take a step back, not go on to the next phase of cutting macros, just stay where you are and bunker down on food and lifestyle (alcohol, sleep, exercise) choices first to get results. I do not want to starve you, and starving you does not lead to long term positive results. If you have the Diet Calculator or Plan, and you are not getting anywhere, please don't feel like you've wasted money on your purchase. Please feel free to email me at and I'll do my best to help you figure out what to do to reach your goals.