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Customer Reviews

“Matt’s programming is not only effective, it’s updates are quick and to your needs. If I had a last-minute meet, or was feeling beat up, the plan was adapted the next day to fit my needs. The last 2 years with Matt has been some of the best progress I’ve had yet.”

– Naomi Digital Coaching Client


“Matt is quick to respond to my emails, whether it’s for clarification on an exercise or change in the program, no later than the next day!”

– Jennifer Digital Coaching Client


“Effective programming and quick turn arounds on feedback for training videos.”

– Steven Digital Coaching Client


“The combination of diet and training led to some amazing results for me over the months I was with Matt! Letting him plan the diet for the workouts he was giving me let him plan for better transformations, strength gains, as well as make everything easier for me to follow! Best part, Matt taught me how to diet and train so when I was ready to move on, I could do it on my own!”

– Frank Diet and Coaching Client


“Fast response times, and quick adaptations to the plan if needed, especially with my additional PT in my ROTC program!”

– Adam Digital Coaching Client


“Great feedback with my training videos, and great adaptations for my lifestyle! Working full time in the Air Force can lead to long days, but Matt can adapt the plan long term or on the fly with no problem!”

– Anagail Diet and Digital Coaching Client


“Awesome training and feedback, fast and detailed.”

– Ross Digital Coaching Client


“Super detailed and in-depth analysis of training videos, and always tries to get it back to me the next day!”

- Andrew Digital Coaching Client


“Matt’s great with his programming, he always tries to get the next month’s programming set up with me a week before my current program is over, and if he ever travels before that, he’ll get my program to me even earlier so I won’t fall behind on my training!”

– Monica Digital Coaching Client


“Wonderful programming, amazing coaching, and gets to me as soon as possible!”

– Kristi Digital Coaching Client


“Matt doesn’t pull any punches with his feedback, or his programming! Some of the most entertaining and challenging workouts I’ve ever had!”

– Jennifer Digital Coaching Client


“Tough programming, but great results!”

– Laura Digital Coaching Client


“Even though Matt’s a weightlifter, he does great Powerlifting Programming as well! Got PR’s in my first Powerlifting Meet with Matt!”

– Mary Digital Coaching Client


“The detail of his feedback was intense. Just 3 or 4 videos, and Matt would give me anywhere between 10-15 minutes of feedback every time!”

- Jimmy Digital Coaching Client


“Excellent programming and coaching, and even during the summer we would set up live coaching sessions through facetime so that I could get real time coaching!”

- Emily Digital Coaching Client


“As a coach myself, it’s great to have another coach to look over your lifting. Matt even came to coach me at a national meet he was lifting at, on the same day he was lifting! He puts his clients before himself if he can.”

- Derek Digital Coaching Client


“Fast response time, and equally fast adjustments to the plan if I need it!”

– Brittany Digital Coaching Client


“Amazing Coaching, and will set up face to face sessions if possible to give real time coaching!”

- Will Digital Coaching Client


“Great programming for both my Weightlifting and CrossFit goals, and even better, no hassle when I wanted to go from both to just an accessory program for my competitive CrossFit program. I wanted to focus more on CrossFit, and just wanted Matt’s Weightlifting expertise for accessory and technique, and he gave it to me without a hassle about staying on with full work. You don’t find a coach who’s willing to work with you when you’re asking to drop the bill down.”

– Joseph Digital Coaching Client


“I’ve been with Matt for 3 years now, and I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon. I’ve made consistent progress in how I lift and how much I lift with his programming, coaching, and diet plans built to my goals and needs.”

- Matt Diet Coaching and Digital Coaching Client


“Doesn’t waste time getting a program or update to me; something you don’t see with online programs very often.” – John Digital Coaching Client


“I’ve been working with Matt for over 2 years now for my bodybuilding goals, and he works well with my requests, and making a program work with my diet plan! I work with another company for my diet, and it’s wonderful having a coach work with a third party so well!”

– Stephen Digital Coaching Client


“Gets the programs to you quickly, and doesn’t give you a headache if you want to change your goals. Puts the client first before his programming.”

– Jeremy Digital Coaching Client


“Matt’s ability to program for CrossFit and Weightlifting is detailed and well thought out, not just for the month, but long term. I worked with Matt from the end of the 2017 Open to the 2018 Open, all the while I was working full time and opening my own gym. Matt can make a plan to fit any situation.”

– Arthur Diet Coaching and Digital Coaching Client


“Great programming for both Weightlifting and Powerlifting – I didn’t think it was possible to progress in either at the same time!”

– Maureen


“I had a lot of questions – A LOT OF QUESTIONS – but Matt took the time to answer them all fully and patiently!”

– Kathy Digital Coaching Client


“Fast, effective, and fun.”

– Meghan Digital Coaching Client


“Matt works well with other groups, I’m working with Stronger U for my nutrition, and Matt was able to label the plans so I knew how to eat based on my training.”

– Missie Digital Coaching Client


“Diet and Training combo led for some impressive gains, and works well with the demands of a first responder’s life.”

- Garrett Diet and Digital Coaching Client


“4 years with Matt, and we keep getting closer and closer to my goal of being on the National Stage.”

- Tiffany Diet and Digital Coaching Client