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M.A. Sports Performance

B.S. Applied Exercise Physiology


CrossFit Level 1

Precision Nutrition Level 1

With over 10+ years in the Strength and Conditioning and Fitness and Health Industry, Matt has worked with clients, athletes, and coaches world-wide, including National Champions, International Champions, Pan-American Champions, Collegiate Division Champions, and Olympians. Matt’s academic success is not only limited to the world of exercise science and sports, but is currently pursuing his second masters in Software Engineering, to combine future technologies with emerging exercise science research for improved athlete and client development strategies.

Matt himself has an extensive history in sports as well, participating in almost every sport from a child to today, including baseball, swimming, tennis, track and field, bodybuilding, cheerleading, weightlifting, and powerlifting. Matt was a member of the professional weightlifting team, MuscleDriver USA, which was also the 2015 USAW National Champions.


First ATtempt Diet Packets

The First Attempt Diet Packets are a fully individualized Macro Plans built to you, your goals, your body, and your preferences. What sets these Packets apart from other macro plans out there? You are not getting automatically generated plans emailed to you based on generic weight ranges and your sex. I take into account your age, sex, height, and weight, as well as your macro preference (such as low carb or high carb diets) to create a plan that is built specifically for you, and only you. In addition to all of this, you will receive multiple phases of dieting for your weight loss or weight gain packet, to help you progress slowly and steadily from start to finish of your diet; and you will have an automatic re-feed plan built in, to help you progress back to a healthy point after the dieting phase, so that you can sustain your weight loss, or muscle gain, without rebounding back to where you began. Finally, what really sets these packets a part from other plans out there - you are given in depth, but straight-forward, instructions on how to use the plans given to you for a multitude of situations, training intensities, and even how to reuse them for continual progress without updating you packet. The goal of this packet is to give you the tools for long term diet success, to the point where you no longer need the packets anymore, but can intuitively know what to do.

First Attempt Diet Coaching

First Attempt Diet is a diet coaching program built on the simplest philosophy - find what works for you, and do that. In the age of countless diet protocols, fad diets, and programs, we understand it can be overwhelming in knowing where to begin. That’s why with First Attempt Lifting, what we do is start with a flexible dieting skeleton, and build from there. Are you training for a national weightlifting meet? We’ll help you create a diet plan right for you. Are you trying to fit in eating around a hectic work life schedule? We’ll help you create a diet plan right for you. Are you just trying to figure out how to eat to be healthier and enjoy your day to day life? We’ll help you create a diet plan right for you.

Your macro-nutrient needs are not built off of general guidelines, but are carefully crafted based on your personal metrics, including: age, gender, height, body type, and macro-sensitivity (low carbohydrate or high carbohydrate preference). This plan includes 24/7 access through email or our TrueCoach training platform, weekly assessments of macros and body-composition and goals. This service requires a 6-month commitment, as well as a pre-registration consultation via Facetime or Skype. To set up consultation, please send us an email via the contact form about your interest in setting up a consultation, and please fill out our Questionnaire, Waiver, and Assessment form, here:

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First Attempt Online Coaching

First Attempt Lifting’s Coaching Service offers 1:1 online training for whatever your goal may be; whether it is general fitness, competitive fitness, weightlifting, bodybuilding, or sports performance. The training plan will be built based on your training experience, your activity specific experience, weekly schedule, and goals. You will be given a personal training plan each and every month, and receive daily feedback on your training and video uploads via our TrueCoach training platform. This is a plan that is not just for competitors, but for anyone who is looking to taking their training plan seriously, and looking for the best and most adaptations they can, and thus, requires serious commitment. You will need to fill out our Questionnaire, Waiver, and Assessment form, as well as have a pre-registration Consultation via Facetime or Skype before beginning the 1:1 Coaching program. This service requires a 6-month commitment.

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First Attempt Programming

First Attempt Programming is our online Programming option for those who are looking for a credible training program, but not the level of commitment that is needed for the 1:1 Coaching service. You will receive an invitation to our TrueCoach training platform, where you will have access to any and all of our online training programs, which include the following options:

Olympic Weightlifting


Competitive Fitness

Sports Performance



General Fitness


Accessory Programming


Within each of these programming options, there are varying levels of intensity: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each registrant will start with our Beginner Program; which is not a scaled version of our Intermediate or Advanced Program. Our Beginner programming means that you are a new-comer to our training systems, and will start at the beginning, not that you need to be scaled back; as a Beginner, you will still put in sufficient amount of work, and still need a healthy level of commitment not only for the month, but each and every day. Each program is 5 days per week, with two rest days, and can be set to your own schedule via TrueCoach. You can also choose to transition from one program to another at any time, without any additional fees. Programs are not time based, meaning that when you sign up, you will always begin on the first day of the program. This service requires a 6-month commitment.